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Create Inspiring Gift Cards For Kids

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

To make all the happy habits of Zentered Kids easy to share, while also being affordable and green, we’ve designed this sweet range of 11 DIY cards.

Simply print out any or all of the designs, follow the instructions below and, VOILA!, you have a fun, creative and low-impact way of spreading happiness here, there and everywhere. Plus, the cards are yours to use forever!


What You Need

8.5 “ x 11” paper; we like 65 to 80 lb cover stock in bright white

Scissors or paper cutter

Envelopes (optional); we like recycled brown craft paper or simply using a sticker to seal the card along the opening edge

3 Easy Steps:

Before you begin, determine the page number of the card(s) you wish to print using the legend provided on page 1. Choose "full colour" with "page scaling" turned OFF.

Step 1

Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut cards as shown above

Step 2

Fold cards in half vertically

Step 3

Now write a special message inside, place the card in an envelope or seal with a sticker and spread the happiness!


Zentered Kids DIY Cards

Happy Habits

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