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Trying New Things Builds Happiness

Updated: Jan 13

Trying New Things Means:

Learning, growing

+ having a sense of wonder

Why Trying New Things Matters

Sometimes kids avoid trying new things because they're afraid of failing. New things can make them feel insecure and anxious. With consistent avoidance, they may begin to miss out on experiences and lose their sense of wonder. But great benefits come from struggling and making mistakes. Brain research proves that challenging experiences actually cause our nervous systems to strengthen and our brains to develop.

Trying new things inspires kids to have a sense of wonder, take risks, make mistakes, problem-solve, learn, persist, overcome and grow. All of these boost their self-esteem, build their courage and enthusiasm for new challenges and increase their engagement in life.

It's not that I'm so smart

It's that I stay with problems longer - Albert Einstein

How to teach kids about Trying New Things

1. Introduce them to the happy habits:

Review and display our FREE Happy Habits Poster

2. Encourage them to practice this happy habit in a variety of ways:

Use the Happy Habits Handouts to creatively explore each of the habits.

In the Try New Things 5 Pack there are 5 activities that encourage learning, being curious, exploring and trying new things.

In the Happy Hunting Book Liza takes a risk and tries something new when she goes on a hunt for her happy. Reading, asking questions and talking about how her sense of wonder helped her to learn and grow are great ways to investigate trying new things and where they might take you. Making mistakes required!

Any activity using the Feeling Cards or Feelings Charts is an invitation for kids to try new things, especially when considering more difficult emotions and new ways to approach them. When kids develop a sense of wonder about feelings they are more able to accept and express ALL of them, while gently challenging their nervous systems to cope and grow stronger.

The Happy Habits Challenge has 3 Try New Things tasks, each designed to get kids doing and thinking slightly outside their comfort zones. Plus, one blank card allows you and your kids to custom-make new challenges over and over again.

3. Visit our Try New Things Pinterest boards for more research and resources.

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