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Slowing Down Makes Us Happier

Slowing Down Means:


breathing deeply,

going with the flow,

finding your focus + savouring

Why Slowing Down Matters

In our world of fast and busy, slowing down can be difficult to do. Yet, rest, in its many forms, is essential to all growth – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. When our bodies break down they need time to rest, rebuild and strengthen. This is true of our hearts, minds and souls as well.

When kids learn to simply rest, breathe, go with the flow and focus on being in this present moment, they can slow down enough to grow.

Don’t try to rush things that need time to grow - Unknown

3 ways to teach kids about Slowing Down

1. Introduce them to this happy habit:

Download our Free I Slow Down Activity Sheet

2. Use any of our products to help them practice this happy habit in a variety of ways:

In the Happy Hunting Book Liza’s decision to head out and look for her happy leads her to slow down and spend time in nature, along with her pet and friends. Asking questions and talking about Liza’s journey can be an accessible way of teaching kids the importance of slowing down in life so they don’t miss the good stuff.

In the Happy Hunting Journal there are 3 activities that teach kids about rest, focus, flow and savouring. Just look for the SNAIL icons within the journal.

Simply playing games with the Feeling Cards helps kids to slow down and be in the moment. You can also layer this experience with slow down strategies like focusing on one feeling and how it feels in the body.

The Happy Habit Challenge contains 3 Slow Down tasks including a slow and mindful exercise, a detailed imagining and a breath practice. Plus, one blank card invites you and your kids to custom-make challenges all your own.

3. Visit our Slow Down Pinterest boards for more mindfully chosen research and resources.


Happy Hunting Book

Happy Hunting Journal

Feeling Cards and Happy Habits Challenge

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