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Slowing Down Makes Us Happier

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Free activity sheet for introducing kids to the happy habit of Caring for Feelings

That calm, centre-point within each of us is what we call our Zenter. It’s our internal compass. And it’s either strengthened or weakened by our daily practices – our habits. The 9 happy habits are the practices that work together like spokes in a wheel to strengthen our Zenter. One of these happy habits is the practice of Slowing Down.

Slowing Down Includes


breathing deeply,

going with the flow,

finding focus + savouring

How Slowing Down Works

In our world of fast and busy, slowing down can be difficult to do. Yet, rest, in its many forms, is essential to all growth – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. When our bodies break down they need time to rest, rebuild and strengthen. This is true of our hearts, minds and souls as well. When kids learn to simply rest, breathe, go with the flow and focus on being in this present moment, they can slow down enough to grow.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes,

including YOU - Anne Lamott

Teaching Kids About Slowing Down

We like keeping things simple and teaching concepts in ways kids learn best; through stories, creativity, play and hands-on experiences. You can use any of our materials to teach about Slowing Down. Like, using the Snail Trail Labyrinth and other activities from the Slow Down 5 Pack or letting kids get lost creating their own special Marble-ous. Start by introducing the habit with the I SLOW DOWN handout and watch kids find their focus and flow.

Plenty of people miss their share of happiness.

Not because they never found it,

but because they didn't stop to enjoy it

- William Feather


Slow Down 5 Pack

Marble-ous Activity

Happy Habits Handouts

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