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How Poems And Quotes Help Kids

Updated: Feb 15

According to positive psychology, sharing inspiring poems and quotes with kids can support their self-reflection, critical thinking and healthy development.

Time It Takes

In as little as 5 minutes, kids can experience the benefits of poems and quotes. You can easily incorporate them into your regular routines or simply place them around your space for spontaneous conversations and inspiration.

What To Choose

Quotes and poems aren’t hard to find. The challenge is to find those that resonate with kids.

The best poems and quotes for kids contain simple ideas that can be talked about at various levels of understanding.

How To Share

Poems and quotes can be used just like stories; to entertain, but also to teach various ideas or lessons. They can be a beautiful way to introduce kids to a concept and begin to deepen their understanding.

Follow these 6 Easy Steps:

1. Post a new quote or poem (at school or home) each week.

2. Read the quote or poem aloud.

3. Allow everyone time to think about what it means to them.

4. Discuss; encourage kids to speak from their own perspectives and experiences.

5. Reflect on how the meaning of a quote could be applied in kids’ own lives.

6. Explore how a quote can apply to different situations in the real world.

Some More Ideas

Anchor each day by briefly revisiting the poem or quote.

Display the quote along with one or two questions to guide thinking or writing.

Return to the quote over time to think about how its meaning and relevance may have changed.

Gather poems and quotes from a variety of sources (like Dr. Seus or Winnie the Pooh) and let kids choose their favourites.

Have kids develop their own poems or quotes to inspire themselves and others. They could choose one or more of the happy habits for the focus of their writing.

Create art to represent poems and quotes.

Poems and quotes are good for all of us! They offer ways to understand the world, one another and ourselves.

This is why we created the poems at the end of the Happy Hunting and Losing Your Marbles books, as well as quotable little quotes within the stories. Find all of these via the links below, so you can easily display and play with them.


Happy Hunting Book

Happy Hunting Poem + Quotes

Losing Your Marbles Poem + Quote

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