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Making Wishes Is A Happy Habit

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Free activity sheet for introducing kids to the happy habit of Caring for Feelings

That calm, centre-point within each of us is what we call our Zenter. It’s our internal compass. And it’s either strengthened or weakened by our daily practices – our habits. The 9 happy habits are the practices that work together like spokes in a wheel to strengthen our Zenter. One of these happy habits is the practice of Making Wishes.

Making Wishes Includes

Using imagination,

having dreams

+ being hopeful

How Making Wishes Works

Kids process the world around them through fantasy and play. Using their imaginations helps them relax, problem solve, heal and grow. When they have dreams and feel hopeful, kids are developing their brains' circuitry for optimism. According to developmental research, optimism builds their resilience and helps them persevere through challenges.

Logic will get you from A to B

Imagination will take you everywhere

- Albert Einstein

Encouraging kids to use their imaginations and have dreams also connects them to what they want. Coupling their imaginations with strong feelings of hope creates the magnetism to draw their dreams to them. This is how the Power of Creation works, it’s the Law of Attraction in action.

Imagination is the beginning of creation

You imagine what your desire

You will what you imagine

And at last you create what you will

- George Bernard Shaw

Teaching Kids About Making Wishes

We like keeping things simple and teaching concepts in ways that kids learn best; through stories, creativity, play and hands-on experiences. You can use any of our resources to to teach Making Wishes. Like, how the Superhero Self activity in the Make Wishes 5 Pack gets kids thinking about a superpower they would choose to have within themselves. This utilizes their imaginations to build their esteem, optimism and magnetism. Start with the I MAKE WISHES handout and witness kids cultivate hope.

Making your wish is like planting a seed and believing that it will grow Let nature do the rest - Deepak Chopra

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Make Wishes 5 Pack

Happy Habits Handouts

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