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Happiness Is Having Fun

Free activity sheet for introducing kids to the happy habit of Caring for Feelings

That calm, centre-point within each of us is what we call our Zenter. It’s our internal compass. And it’s either strengthened or weakened by our daily practices – our habits. The 9 happy habits are the practices that work together like spokes in a wheel to strengthen our Zenter. One of these happy habits is the practice of Having Fun.

Having Fun Includes

Being silly,

laughing, creating,


dancing + moving your body

How Having Fun Works

Early on, kids know intuitively how to have fun, be creative and move their bodies. With time and pressure, their priorities tend to change. They start to focus more on achievements like getting good grades, making teams, being popular and so on. This can lead kids to attach their joy to outside accomplishments. But this is totally backward.

According to the ancient spiritual Law of Attraction, true happiness is rooted in having fun along the way to reaching goals. This is because we attract what we want much faster and more easily when we are having fun FIRST. Not to mention, we're having fun!

Creativity is intelligence having fun

- Einstein

When kids regularly have fun, through unstructured play, silliness, laughter, creativity, song, dance and movement, they learn to rely on their own capacities to generate and experience joy rather than to look outside themselves. And when they're feeling joyful, everything tends to come more easily.

It is also through play that kids practice how to be in the world; how to navigate relationships, sort out challenges and find out who and how they want to be.

For a child, it is in the simplicity of play that the complexity of life is sorted

like puzzle pieces joined together to make sense of the world

- L.R. Knost (Author)

Teaching Kids About Having Fun

We like keeping things simple and teaching concepts in ways that kids learn best; through stories, creativity, play and hands-on experiences. Use any of our resources to encourage having fun. Like reading Losing Your Marbles and talking about how Omar learned that winning isn't everything, or by creating Crazy Happy Hair from the Have Fun 5 Pack. Introduce the habit through poetry and song using the I HAVE FUN handout.

Today was good

Today was fun

Tomorrow is another one - Dr Seuss


Losing Your Marbles

Have Fun 5 Pack

Happy Habits Handouts

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