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4 Ways For Kids To Track Their Habits

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Positive changes aren't made by force. Research clearly shows that success doesn't come from willpower, but rather from incorporating healthy routines into daily life.

Happy habits are built from simple things we do every day.

And this is what the Happy Habits Challenge was designed for! Each Challenge done consistently creates an inner cue to prompt that action again. For example, when their Challenge is to slow down and "do one thing in slow motion today", kids internalize this experience, which creates a trigger to do it again and again and again. These small actions over time create BIG changes.

A key element of change is tracking. Daily tracking is a proven way to increase consistency, motivation and success. This is why we created the 27-Day Challenge Chart and made it flexible to use.

4 different ways to use the Challenge Chart to track progress:


Practice one new habit in any order each day for 27 days in a row. This means using the Challenge Chart randomly.


Practice one Challenge from the same habit for three days, followed by one Challenge from another habit for three days (for example, three days of be kind challenges followed by three days of be thankful challenges, and so on). This means using the Challenge Chart from left to right.


Working down the Challenge Chart, rather than randomly (1) or across (2), finish one Challenge for each habit and then begin at the top again. This means using the Challenge Chart from top to bottom.


Choose one habit to focus on for one week at a time. This means using each of the numbered squares in the Challenge Chart to represent weeks rather than days. When completed this way, the Challenge can continue for nine (1 column), 18 (2 columns) or 27 (3 columns) weeks!

Reflection at the end of a limited time-frame (like 27 days) inspires kids to really engage with and internalize the experiences they've had. The Looking Back Printable offers a creative way for kids to think about the previous 27 days, what they most liked and valued and what they didn't.

Links to resources:

Free Looking Back Printable

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