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Go Outside And Find Happiness

Go Outside is about:

Spending time in nature

Why Going Outside Matters

Spending time outside is like medicine for our bodies and brains. In nature we shift into a relaxed state, better absorb the nutrients from our food and even build stronger immune systems. Time spent outdoors also boosts our mental acuity and creativity and improves our sleep and mood.

Spending time in nature, looking up at the stars (and maybe making wishes), walking along a beach or hiking through the woods, is as necessary to our health and evolution as the food we eat and the air we breathe.

There is no wifi in the forest but there is a better connection – Unknown

3 ways to encourage kids to Go Outside

1. Introduce them to this happy habit:

Download our Free Go Outside Activity Sheet

2. Use any of our products to help them practice this happy habit in a variety of ways:

In the Happy Hunting Book Liza’s decision to look for her happiness takes her outside. Reading the story, asking questions and talking about the simple things (like butterflies and trees) that helped Liza reconnect to her happiness are great ways to reinforce the practice of going outside to reconnect with what is inside.

In the Happy Hunting Journal there are 3 activities that take kids outside. Just look for the TREE icons within the journal.

There are loads of creative ways to go outside and use the Feeling Cards. For example, choose one card and head outside to find something that represents that feeling, or gather items to create a collage representing a selected feeling, or collect rocks to create some feeling faces.

The Happy Habit Challenge contains 3 Go Outside tasks including noticing, learning something new and choosing a talisman. Plus, one blank card allows you and your kids to custom-make unlimited challenges that take you outside.

3. Visit our Go Outside Pinterest boards for more curated research and resources.


Happy Hunting Book

Happy Hunting Journal

Feeling Cards and Happy Habits Challenge

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