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Play With Feeling Prompt Cards

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

One of the core components of Emotional Intelligence (EI) is self-awareness. Self-awareness develops in part from being able to understand and name a range of emotions.

The more emotions kids can identify and name the more specific they can be about how they are feeling. According to research, a large feeling-vocabulary, used in a flexible way, also leads to greater self-compassion and emotion regulation (two more components of high EI.

To help kids become adept at naming and understanding different emotions, Feeling Cards can be used with all sorts of games and activities like Go Fish Feelings, Feelings Charades and Feelings Memory. Our Feeling Prompt Cards provide another activity for playfully exploring emotions with kids while building their EI.

How To Use The Feeling Prompt Cards:


Download the Feeling Prompt Cards. Print them on regular paper or card stock and cut them out.


Spread the deck of Feeling Cards face up on a table, with or without pairs. Depending on the ages and needs of your kids you may wish to select fewer random cards or some specific cards you’d like to explore with them.


Place the Feeling Prompt Cards in a pile face down on the table.


Have kids select a Feeling Prompt Card and follow the directions using the Feeling Cards.


Use the middle HEART Card as a Wild Card for kids to form their own questions.

Discard a Feeling Card once it's been used (unless you think the possible repetition is helpful to a child or informative to you).

Whether used with a small assortment of Feeling Cards or the full deck, the Feeling Prompt Cards are designed to provide a different experience every time kids play with them.


Emotional Intelligence Research

PDF Feeling Cards

Hard Copy Feeling Cards

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