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How Eating Real Food Makes Us Happier

Eating Real Food Means:

Nourishing your body

with fruits + veggies everyday

Why Eating Real Food Matters

It may seem like a strange happy habit but food provides the building blocks and the fuel for our bodies and our brains.

What we eat literally becomes us; every seven years or so our bodies have completely replaced all of our cells using the building blocks we have provided from food. There is also an area of our gut that it directly connected to our brain via the gut-brain axis. This is why our gut is called our second brain and why what we eat and absorb actually intimately influences how we think and feel!

Eating whole, fresh fruits and veggies everyday ensures that kids are feeding their bodies and brains what they need to thrive.

A healthy outside starts from the inside - Robert Urich,

Food Matters

3 ways to inspire kids to Eat Real Foods

1. Introduce them to this happy habit:

Download our Free I Eat Real Food Activity Sheet

2. Use any of our products to help them practice this happy habit in a variety of ways:

Have fun making real food with kids. At the end of the Happy Hunting Book Liza and her friends celebrate their hunt while enjoying cookies. Find that recipe here. Super easy, yummy, plus gluten, dairy, egg and sugar-free (with a nut-free option too).

The Happy Hunting Journal introduces kids to eating real food with 1 activity. Just look for the CARROT icon within the journal. Also download our Free Eat the Rainbow Activity to use with the Journal.

The Happy Habit Challenge contains 3 Eat Real Food tasks including two to help kids become aware of where their food comes from and one encouraging them to be creative with food. Also, one blank card allows you and your kids to custom-make your own food challenges.

3. Find more research, resources and recipes on our Eat Real Food Pinterest boards.


Happy Hunting Book

Happy Hunting Journal

Feeling Cards and Happy Habits Challenge

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