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How Story Maps Engage Kids In Reading

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

The Happy Hunting Story Map has kids visualize the story’s characters, setting and sequencing of events. This develops their knowledge of the key elements of a story and assists them with telling, retelling, summarizing and even writing stories themselves.

Identify, describe and share!

Using the Map kids examine the text and extract the information related to each element:

First, they identify each of the characters within the story.

Next, they describe the settings.

Last, they share their account of the plot as it progresses from beginning to middle to end.

Mapping moves kids from being passively entertained by the story to becoming engaged and active readers. It helps expand their comprehension, creativity, imagination and self-expression.


Happy Hunting Story Map

PDF of the Happy Hunting Book

Skills Used In Story Mapping

Helping Kids Think About What They Read

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