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A Lesson Plan For Happy HeARTs

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

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Purpose of the Lesson:

When kids can identify the people, places, thoughts and things that help them to feel happy (and then hold these in their hearts), they can access their happy feelings any time. This leads them to experience the benefits from the “feel-good” chemicals (like dopamine) that then flood their bodies and brains.

Kids will learn to:

Recognize a range of feelings, both within themselves and expressed by others

Identify their many sources of happiness, so that they can tap into them anytime

Required Materials:

Hard Copy version of the Happy Hunting Book OR

PDF version of the Happy Hunting Book

Optional Materials:

Hard Copy version of Feeling Cards

PDF version of the Feeling Cards

Feelings Charts

Feelings Wheel

Happy Hunting Poem and Quotes

May you always know where to find your HAPPY

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