The Habits

Kids get Zentered by regularly practicing the 9 happy habits for life:

Heart Icon.png

Care for Feelings:

Accept them ALL as important + okay

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Be Thankful:

Notice the little things everyday + everywhere

Try New Icon.png

Try New Things:

Learn, grow + have a sense of wonder

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Slow Down:

Rest, breathe, go with the flow, focus + savour

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Go Outside:

Spend time in nature

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Make Wishes:

Imagine, dream + be hopeful

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Be Kind:

Care (for yourself, others + the earth), give, connect + share

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Have Fun:

Be silly, laugh, create, sing, dance + move

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Eat Real Food:

Have fresh fruits + veggies everyday

The happy habits are based on research from developmental science, positive psychology and ancient philosophy. They link together like spokes in a wheel to create a framework of practices for lifelong wellness.

Display our FREE Happy Habits Poster so kids are reminded of the habits

and how to get Zentered each day.