The Happy Habits

We've learned that positive changes aren't made by force or willpower. Research (and experience) have shown us that positive changes come from incorporating healthy routines into our daily lives. Happy habits ARE those routines. They are things everyone can do! When kids learn happy habits early on (and in ways they learn best), they internalize the tools they need to stay Zentered.

Without further ado, here are the 9 happy habits for life (oh, and, each icon links to a blog post with more details).

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Feelings Icon copy.png

Care For Feelings:

accept them ALL as important + okay

Thankful Icon copy.png

Be Thankful:

notice the little things everyday + everywhere

Try New Icon copy.png

Try New Things:

learn, grow + have a sense of wonder

Slow Down Icon copy.png

Slow Down:

rest, breathe, go with the flow, focus + savour

Outside Icon copy.png

Go Outside:

spend time in nature

Wishes Icon copy.png

Make Wishes:

imagine, dream + be hopeful

Be Kind Icon copy.png

Be Kind:

care (for yourself, others + the earth), give, connect + share

Have Fun Icon copy.png

Have Fun:

be silly, laugh, create, sing, dance + move

Eat Real Icon copy.png

Eat Real Food:

have fresh fruits + veggies everyday

Happy Habits Poster
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