9 Practices that Grow
Zentered Kids

​In general, habits are things we all do over and over on a regular basis. We form habits slowly until they become almost automatic. Some habits are good for us, some aren’t.


While many habits that aren't good for us are relatively new - stress, inactivity, disconnection and eating fast food (just to name a few) - many of the solutions to these are old. Practicing gratitude, spending time in nature, being kind to oneself, others and the earth and eating real food. These things are tried and true.


Happy habits are formed through the simple things kids do each day to support their hearts, minds and bodies:

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Care for Feelings

Caring for feelings means accepting them ALL as important and okay.

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Be Thankful

Being thankful comes from noticing the little things everyday and everywhere.

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Try New Things

Trying new things is about learning, growing and having a sense of wonder.

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Slow Down

Slowing down consists of resting, breathing deeply, going with the flow, finding focus and savouring moments.

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Go Outside

Going outside values time spent in nature.

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Make Wishes

Making wishes involves being imaginative, having dreams and feeling hopeful.

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Be Kind

Being kind includes caring (for oneself, others and the earth), giving, connecting, sharing and being a good friend.

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Have Fun

Having fun embraces being silly, laughing, creating, singing and moving.

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Eat Real Food

Eating real foods is about nourishing brains and bodies with fresh fruits and veggies every day.


Click on any of the happy habit icons above to learn more and get a free activity for kids.


All of the habits influence each other and overlap sometimes too. Just like when we go outside we also tend to slow down or when we eat real food we are also being kind to our bodies and the earth. This makes them easy to teach and easy to learn. They are clear, complementary and incorporated into all of our engaging books, activities, games and materials too!

Print out our free Happy Habits Poster and display it prominently so kids are reminded how to practice getting Zentered each day.

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