Happy Habit Playbook


The Playbook:
The Happy Habit Playbook includes 45 activities to help kids learn and practice the 9 happy habits. The activities can be done in any order, using a variety of art supplies or just a pencil and some imagination, with others or on one's own. The icon on each page shows the habit being focused on.

The Problem:
We can so easily lose touch with ourselves when our lives become too fast and complicated. When kids become detached from their inner-compass they make choices for themselves based on other sources, often not aligned with growing healthy hearts, minds and bodies. Over time, their detachment from themselves and the accumulation of unhealthy choices can lead to emotional and physical health issues that are more difficult to overcome. Kids especially need solid and simple practices that can be incorporated into their daily lives to strengthen their sense of selves, bring meaning and elicit joy!

How the Playbook addresses the Problem:
The Happy Habit Playbook makes building skills and forming happy habits easy. Here’s how:

Build skills and form happy habits for life:

Combining current research with ancient principles, the Happy Habit Playbook encourages kids to be kind, practice gratitude, make wishes, eat real food, care for all feelings, go outside, have fun, slow down and try new things.

Each page engages kids with one habit in a playful and creative way, because even just a few minutes of HAPPY time each day will make a big difference.

Whether the interaction is taking place between the child and the activity (within) or with others (socially), kids are taking part in their own learning.

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