Happy Habits Challenge


The Challenge:
The Happy Habits Challenge consists of 3 challenges for each of the 9 happy habits. This means 27 days of HAPPY! There are a variety of ways to practice each of the habits: like, how we might slow down by resting, or by breathing deeply, or by finding focus. This is one reason why there are 3 different cards per habit.

The Problem:
In our hurried world, kids often don’t acquire practices that grow long-term healthy hearts, minds and bodies. Without a strong foundation of positive habits, kids are more likely to get pushed around by circumstances. Early on, kids need solid routines that can be easily incorporated into their days to inspire their spirits, build their confidence and support their overall well-being.

How the Challenge addresses the Problem:
We build habits slowly by repeating small actions over time.  This is what our Happy Habits Challenge is all about. We want kids to get used to practicing behaviours that are proven by research to promote happiness, so they can carry these forward into lifelong happy habits.

When they add one action from the Challenge into their day, kids are consciously creating the cue to trigger that action again. For example, when their challenge is to"say 3 nice things about yourself", kids internalize this experience and create a cue to trigger doing it again…and again…and again. This is how change happens. Big change. Positive change. Little practices…Lifelong habits.

Easily incorporated into homes, classrooms, counselling groups and beyond, the Challenge also includes a full set of blank cards so practices can be custom-made and created over and over again.

We don't decide our futures,

we decide our daily habits

and these habits decide our futures.