Hi! We're Maria and Sandy, partners in life and in our business of helping others get Zentered.


In the Beginning

After 2 decades working as a mental health therapist, Maria shifted her focus from treatment to prevention. With this shift, and Sandy's creative collaboration, Zentered Kids began.


Getting Zentered

We combined practices that are proven to promote happiness with the science of habit-formation and created 9 happy habits. We integrate these happy habits into everything we design.


For Life

We've learned that positive changes aren't made by force or willpower. Research clearly shows us that positive changes come from incorporating healthy routines into our daily lives. Happy habits ARE those routines. They are things everyone can do - like spending time in nature, being kind to oneself + others, slowing down and eating real food. So, when they learn happy habits early on, kids internalize the tools they need for lifelong wellness.


Sandy owns Redsand Creative, a graphic design company specializing in brand development and print media. He has a long history as a competitive swimmer, coach, lifeguard and swim instructor, working with kids from ages 4 to 20. Sandy has degrees in both Psychology and Graphic Design + Illustration. He enjoys drawing, painting and being creative almost as much as playing  outside or sipping a delicious cappuccino (especially at Little Cove Coffee Co in Noosa, Australia).

Maria has worked as a health + fitness coordinator, special education teacher, school counsellor, child + youth mental health specialist, school district department head and therapist/owner in private practice. She has degrees in Kinesiology, Special Education and Clinical Psychology as well as post-graduate certifications in Cognitive-Behavioural, Solution-Focused, Mindfulness, Narrative, Play and Art Therapies. She loves reading, long walks, hot yoga sessions and a daily dose (or two!) of dark chocolate.

Our belief in kids' innate intelligence and curiosity is at the heart of everything we design.