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Welcome to Zentered Kids

We help kids grow

open hearts and calm minds ( Zen )  +  relaxed bodies ( Centered ) 

so that they can become Zentered

Zen + Centered = Zentered


We do this through materials that encourage them to practice these 9 simple yet powerful h appy habits  in their daily lives:

The happy habits are a synthesis of research in developmental science, positive psychology and ancient philosophy. The habits link these principles together like spokes in a wheel to create a framework for lifelong healthy practices.


Why getting Zentered matters

According to current studies, childhood anxiety and depression are on the rise as kids detach further from what makes childhood important and so much fun – things like unstructured play, connection with others, time in nature, eating real food and more. Enter Zentered Kids…

Zentered Kids is the magic that takes place when we match kids' natural sense of wonder with thoughtfully designed materials.

Our Products

Everything we create grows Zentered Kids in ways they learn best: through hands-on experiences, repetition, play, creativity and storytelling.

Happy Hunting Journal

The Journal contains 29 unique activities that make building skills and forming  the happy habits of Zentered Kids easy, interactive and a lot of fun!


"Happy Hunting is our new favourite book!

It reminds our family that we can find joy in the simple moments if we are present and go about each day with a curious mind.

We absolutely love the details in the colourful illustrations."


– Parent and Counsellor

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